Cypress Tamil School

  • About BKM Cypress Tamil School Welcoming place that engages each child in Tamil Language.

    எங்கள் பள்ளி, எங்கள் இல்லம்! வாருங்கள், வளம் பெறுங்கள்!!

    Our school in Cypress, Texas, started in the year 2014 with 25 students in the Lone star college library.

    Then got its classrooms in Ana’s learning center, where we currently get together for our Tamil fun activities on almost every Saturdays.

    The mission of Cypress Tamil School is not only to get children to speak in Tamil to their parents and grandparents and to read basic signs in Tamil, but to learn our culture, gain knowledge from literatures and to meet the specific needs of children growing up in the U.S., and to provide quality Tamil Language education to our younger generation.

    We have Mazhalai, Basic 1, Advanced Basic 1, Level 2, Level 3 classes with altogether 64 students. Our teachers and coordinators are more than 100% volunteering to actively run the school.

  • School Location & Contact

    Cypress Tamil School is centrally located

    School Coordinator : Prabhaharan Gunasekaran

    • Phone :713-392-5617
    • Email :
    • Session : 1.00 pm – 3.00 pm
    • Address : Ana’s Learning Center, 9720 Jones Rd, Houston TX 77065


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