Katy Tamil School

  • About BKM Katy Tamil School

    BKM Tamil School was initially established at Katy during the 2004-2005 academic year to offer Tamil language education to children living in Katy and adjacent locations. Six Classes from Level 1 through Level 6 were offered with the initial student strength of 41. The student strength gradually increased from 2004 till 2013. The school was privatized in 2015 , having separated from the BKM banner.

    In 2015, with the support of all the volunteers we restarted the BKM Tamil School Katy in KVPAC campus at South Mason Rd with 15 Kids.  With the dedicated teachers and kind interest of all the parent volunteers, we could register close to 40 kids with 9 teachers in 2016. It has been so successful since. The strengths of the Katy location include the student-teacher ratio, emphasis on conversational Tamil, dedicated teacher volunteers, huge support of parent volunteers etc.,

    In addition to the syllabus, we also provide a platform to learn and understand the most popular arts of our Tamil culture, ex., Villupaattu, Kolaattam, Oyilaattam, Stage play etc., We find it is the best way to make the language more interesting and make the kids explore the language on their own with interest.

  • School Location & Contact

    Katy School location

    School Coordinator :Ilankuzhali Mani 

    • Phone : 713-409-9447
    • Email : bkmtamilschoolatkaty@gmail.com

    Asst. Coordinator : Gayathri Srinivasan

    • Phone : 909-997-3415
    • Email : gaya.devaraj@gmail.com

    Asst.Coordinators : Rajashri Vanchinathan

    • Phone : (832) 284-1466




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