• ATA Syllabus

    ATA provides all the educational resources to teach Tamil language irrespective of the school size. The infrastructure include standard curriculum, printed books, School/Learning Management Software with communication tools and plethora of performance tracking tools, interactive learning tools, evaluation materials for trimesters etc. ATA could provide teacher training and offer support in Accreditation process. In other words, if the school management can bring in teacher volunteers and classroom amenities with the complete educational resource and support provided by ATA, the school would be ready to function successfully from day one.

  • CTA Syllabus

    California Tamil Academy (CTA) was started in 1998 as a non profit organization with the objective of teaching Tamil to kids in the USA. CTA developed curriculum and books tailored to meet the needs of Tamil Heritage learners in the US. CTA now teaches to over 6,000 students in six of its branches and the CTA education system is currently used in about 45 affiliated schools in 13 states in the US and in UK and UAE.

    The Tamil schools in the US and countries outside India benefit from CTA’s education system, curriculum, books, materials and it’s technology. Bharathi Kalam Manram, Tamil School also follow CTA Syllabus in our schools. 

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