Student Testimonials

BKM Schools Students Testimonials
    • I like to go Tamil school because I love my teachers.. I love doing Tamil word forming puzzle game, competitive team games at the end of our Advanced Basic 1 class. I was really excited when I was able to read the road signs and ads in Tamil during my India trip. Non stop fun learning Tamil. , Non stop fun learning Tamil .

      Guru, Basic 1
    • My teachers speak Science and Maths more than just literature in my Tamil class. I like those real world stories and I love to learn more. I love doing Tamil word forming puzzle game, competitive team games at the end of our Advanced Basic 1 class. I was really excited when I was able to read the road signs and ads in Tamil during my India trip. Non stop fun learning Tamil

      Pavithra, Level 3
    • Finally I am able to talk to my grandparents in India in Tamil. I surprise them by saying Tamil rhymes and stories..I am looking forward to my next Tamil class this coming weekend. I love doing Tamil word forming puzzle game, competitive team games at the end of our Advanced Basic 1 class. I was really excited when I was able to read the road signs and ads.

      ARUDH ARCOT, Advanced Basic 1
    • I still vividly remember my days at BKM Tamil School. As a child, Tamil school was a great opportunity to meet the Tamil community from all around Houston, which came together to teach me and other first generation Indian-American children how to read, write, and speak Tamil. Initially, I felt that learning Tamil was very difficult but the dedication of my teachers helped tremendously. Each year I improved. Without BKM Tamil class, my relationship with my grandmother would have been very different (she does not speak English). Now, when I visit my relatives in India, I can speak fluently with them in Tamil. Some of them don’t believe me when I say I am from America! I am truly grateful for the skills and opportunities that I have been able to gain through the BKM Tamil School. I have spoken to dozens of Tamil friends in high school and college who cannot watch a Rajinikanth movie without subtitles! On a serious note, these same friends end up struggling to communicate with their relatives in India, and struggle to feel comfortable with their Indian culture and heritage. Many of them wish that they had the same opportunity that I did. I strongly believe that learning Tamil in an organized, classroom setting has helped me tremendously in life. In an age where Indian-American children like myself are under constant pressure to excel in academics, music, or other extracurriculars, I am glad that BKM Tamil School has found a way to keep those children grounded, by teaching them their mother language, culture, and history

      Akilan Gopal
    • As a child who grew up in America, I found it difficult to incorporate reading and writing in my native language, Tamil, into my daily life. There was really no need to read, write, and speak another language other than English. However whenever I visited family back in India or tried to reconnect with my roots, I found myself missing a crucial component. Thanks to BKM Tamil School and the help of my parents, I was able to learn how to read and write in Tamil with ease. Even though I had regular school to attend, I was always excited to go to Tamil school. The teachers were incredibly passionate and I made many friends. It was very comforting to see so many people my age learning our mother tongue together. It unified us and made us connect on another level. After graduating from Tamil school, I am now able to go to India and read books, store signs, posters, and just about everything that has Tamil on it. As I got older, I also had several opportunities to act in Tamil plays, debates, and speech competitions. I am very happy I attended BKM Tamil School, and I definitely would recommend it to any student of any age. It is worthwhile to attend. BKM Tamil School has made it easy to stay in touch with your native language in a country far away from home.

      Haripriya Sundar
    • Being a student of the BKM Tamil school has been integral to my childhood. The teachers and my peers in the Tamil school helped reinforce my belief in the importance of preserving the Tamil culture. Not only has BKM made it possible for me to communicate with family members and friends who only speak Tamil, but I have also become a better overall learner because of my time with this organization. The ways I was taught to mentally approach grammar and sentence structure helped me be a better language learner in general at school and helped me easily grasp foreign concepts and modes of thinking compared to my peers. The translation exercises we practiced in Tamil class have also helped improve my overall vocabulary in both English and Tamil. The BKM Tamil community has helped me understand my roots and how to utilize my unique upbringing and the unique experiences that I get from being Tamilian to create positive change in my community. BKM is an integral part of my childhood and a major influence in who I am today.

      Roshini saravana kumar
    • I was fortunate enough to attend Tamil class from when I was 5 years old. Growing up in the US, we don’t really get the chance to formally learn how to read and write languages other than Spanish and french, so Tamil class was such a fun and unique way to learn those skills. The teachers were so amazing, that despite having moved out of Pearland I still am able to read and write. I never would have expected to actually remember the countless poems, songs, and books that we read at such a young age. I know I’m really lucky to have gotten this opportunity, and more than me, my parents and grandparents are probably more appreciative that both their kids know how to speak their mother tongue. Big thanks to all the tamil class teachers and BKM for putting this on for us!

      Swetha Ramamoorthy
    • As a second generation American, my connection to Indian and Tamil culture can sometimes get blurred. This holds especially true when one grows up speaking English on a day-to day basis everywhere except at home. Attending Tamil classes at BKM helped cultivate an interest in my native language and culture, and exposed me to the vast Houston Tamil community. I’ve been blessed to meet and make so many friends through my experiences at BKM Tamil classes and it is something I highly recommend to every Tamil child growing up in the Houston area.

      Varsha Ranganath
    • Tamil Class – More Than Just a Language
      As a child growing up, it was difficult to grasp just how special it was to be able to understand two different languages. The appreciation I had for my mother tongue, Tamil, was minimal, at best. By being involved in Tamil classes at the Meenakshi Temple, a new door opened for me. Historical figures, stories and epic tales, traditions, and an entire culture were all introduced to me through Tamil classes which I otherwise would have never have known about. Tamil classes not only provided me with an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the language, but also gave me a medium through which I was able to showcase my appreciation for my native tongue through competitions, skits, and speeches. I also met some of my very best friends during the years that I was a Tamil student as well as mentors who helped guide me outside of the classroom setting. Being a part of such a close-knit community has helped develop my skills and traits that regular schooling could never accomplish. I now look back fondly to the years that I was a Tamil student knowing that it has helped shape me into the person I am today.

      Prashant Ranganath
    • Growing up in America, my parents knew that there was no way I could learn Tamil without their dedication to build my roots in me. I was one of the earliest students long back when Tamil school was held in a library at Sugarland . My parents spoke to me in only Tamil as I was growing up and with the help of Tamil School, I was also able to write and read. I am so happy to see how Tamil School has grown over the years and I’m proud of my mom, who has volunteered in tamil school and helped me learn Tamil fluently. Thanks to BKM Tamil School for giving Indian-American children like myself an opportunity to learn our mother language.

      Yalliniyal Sivaprakash
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